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Ribes ambiguum / Yashabishaku ヤシャビシャク

Bloom time: April-May

 Saxifragaceae / Yukinoshitaka


Species in the genus Ribes:

Ribes ambiguum / Yashabishaku
Ribes fasciculatum / Yabusanzashi


Ribes ambiguum / Yashabishaku ヤシャビシャク

Ribes ambiguum is a small deciduous shrub inhabiting the tops of old broad-leaved trees in mountainous regions, hanging down to 50-100cm in length. Unless the tree has fallen, it is impossible to see one. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis; 2-5 leaves gather on each short branch tip. Their blades measure 3-5cm in diameter, are in a reniform-orbicular shape, and are palmately cleft in 3-5 lobes, the margins having serrations. Flower buds, 1 or 2 in number, emerge from the short branch tips, and small light green-white blooms bloom. The fruit is oval with needle-like glandular hairs - it remains green even if ripened. Bloom time: April-May.




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