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Rorippa indica / Inugarashi イヌガラシ

Bloom time: April-September

Brassiaceae /


Species in the genus Rorippa:

Rorippa indica / Inugarashi
Rorippa islandica / Sukashitagobou


Rorippa indica / Inugarashi イヌガラシ

Rorippa indica is a 10-50cm tall perennial plant found on roadsides or grasslands. Leaves are pinnately cut in, a little shallower than another species, Rorippa islandica, and bases expand a little in a pair of ears; however, embracing the stems not so wide as Rorippa islandica. Flowers, yellow, measure 4-5mm in diameter. The fruit is 1.6-2cm long, slender, cylindrical, and curves upward. Bloom time: April-September.




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