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Rubus crataegifolius (fruit) / Kumaichigo クマイチゴ

Bloom time: May-July

Rosaceae /


Species in the genus Rubus:

Rubus buergeri(Fruit) / Fuyuichigo
Rubus corchorifolius / Birohdoichigo
Rubus crataegifolius (fruit) / Kumaichigo
Rubus hirsutus / Kusaichigo
Rubus microphyllus / Nigaichigo
Rubus palmatus / Nagabamomijiichigo
Rubus palmatus var. coptophyllus / Momijiichigo
Rubus parvifolius / Nawashiroichigo
Rubus pectinellus / Kobanofuyuichigo
Rubus phoenicolasius / Ebigaraichigo
Rubus trifidus / Kajiichigo
Rubus yoshinoi / Kibinawashiroichigo



Rubus crataegifolius (fruit) / Kumaichigo クマイチゴ


Rubus crataegifolius is a deciduous shrub in sunny forest edges or wastelands in mountainous regions, growing to 1-2m in height, with flat, fat, straight prickles on stems and branches. Leaves are alternate, blades measuring 6-10cm in length, in the shape of a broad ovate, palmately cleft in 3-5; tips of the segments pointed, bases heart-shaped, and margins are coarsely double-serrated. White flowers 1-1.5cm in diameter and blooms 2-6 gather together, and petals are narrow, with gaps between them. Sepals are narrowly ovate, with dense vellus hairs on them, and the sepals bend backward. Peduncles are also with thick vellum coats. In July-August, multiple fruits, spheric, approximately 1 cm across, ripen red. Bloom time: May-July.





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