Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Species in the genus Rubus:

Rubus buergeri(Fruit) / Fuyuichigo
Rubus corchorifolius / Birohdoichigo
Rubus crataegifolius (fruit) / Kumaichigo
Rubus hirsutus / Kusaichigo
Rubus microphyllus / Nigaichigo
Rubus palmatus / Nagabamomijiichigo
Rubus palmatus var. coptophyllus / Momijiichigo
Rubus parvifolius / Nawashiroichigo
Rubus pectinellus / Kobanofuyuichigo
Rubus phoenicolasius / Ebigaraichigo
Rubus trifidus / Kajiichigo
Rubus yoshinoi / Kibinawashiroichigo



Rubus palmatus / Nagabamomijiichigo ナガバモミジイチゴ

Rubus palmatus, a deciduous shrub inhabiting sunny forest edges, etc., grows to approximately 2m in height, without hairs but with straight prickles on stems and branches. Leaves are in alternate arrangement, and blades are in the shape of a long ovate; some are cleft in 3-5, some not, and the central leaflets are significantly longer compared to the others and tips pointed, and margins double serrated. Flowers bloom facing downward; petals, 5 in number, are oblong or long oblong. Fruit, 1-1.5cm across, spherical, ripen in orange-yellow





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