Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Species in the genus Rubus:

Rubus buergeri(Fruit) / Fuyuichigo
Rubus corchorifolius / Birohdoichigo
Rubus crataegifolius (fruit) / Kumaichigo
Rubus hirsutus / Kusaichigo
Rubus microphyllus / Nigaichigo
Rubus palmatus / Nagabamomijiichigo
Rubus palmatus var. coptophyllus / Momijiichigo
Rubus parvifolius / Nawashiroichigo
Rubus pectinellus / Kobanofuyuichigo
Rubus phoenicolasius / Ebigaraichigo
Rubus trifidus / Kajiichigo
Rubus yoshinoi / Kibinawashiroichigo



Rubus pectinellus / Kobanofuyuichigo コバノフユイチゴ

Rubus pectinellus is an evergreen vine shrub found in forests and the edges in mountainous regions, with white hairs and upward prickles on stems and branches. Leaves are alternate, blades measuring 3-8cm in length, orbicular, and obtusely serrated margins. Branch tips bear approximately 2cm in diameter single white flowers. Sepals are oblong-ovate, having spinate hairs outside, margins shallowly cut in in a pectinate way. Fruit, spherical, approximately 1cm in diameter, ripen in red in August-September. Bloom time: May-July.




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