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Rumex congilomeratus / Arechigishigishi アレチギシギシ

Bloom time: May-October

Polygonaceae / Tadeka   Species in the genus Rumex:

Rumex acetosa / Suiba
Rumex acetosella / Himesuiba
Rumex congilomeratus / Arechigishigishi
    Rumex congilomeratus / Arechigishigishi アレチギシギシ    
Rumex congilomeratusa perennial herb originating in Europe, grows wild on roadsides, riversides, or railroads, 0.4-1.2m in height. Leaves are 10-20cm long, long-oblong, or lanceolate, with bases circular to shallowly cordate and finely wavy margins. Flowers set themselves on stems in whorls at intervals. Bloom time: May-October.




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