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Salix bakko / Bakkoyanagi (Yamanekoyanagi) バッコヤナギ

Bloom time: April-August

Salicaceae / Yangika

Species in the genus Salix:

Salix bakko / Bakkoyanagi
Salix daiseniensis / Daisenyanagi
Salix gracilistyla / Nekoyanagi

Salix bakko / Bakkoyanagi (Yamanekoyanagi) バッコヤナギ

Salix bakko is a deciduous tree of 3-10m in height and 5-30cm in diameter that inhabits light, dry areas in hilly to mountainous districts. Alternate hypotaxis, leaves are shaped like an oblong, 5-17cm long, 3-7cm wide, with conspicuous dent wrinkles along veins on the upper surfaces, white curly hairs tingeing powdery white on the lower surfaces, and low wavy serrations on the margins. Dioecious: flower buds (winter buds) are significant and red-brown. Flowers thickly set themselves in oblong inflorescences that emerge before the leaves develop. The flower lacks petals. Bloom time: March-May.




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