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Salix daiseniensis / Daisenyanagi ダイセンヤナギ

Bloom time: Late March

Salicaceae /


Species in the genus Salix:

Salix bakko / Bakkoyanagi
Salix daiseniensis / Daisenyanagi
Salix gracilistyla / Nekoyanagi

Salix daiseniensis / Daisenyanagi ダイセンヤナギ

Salix daiseniensis is a dioecious deciduous tree to shrub in hilly or mountainous regions, with dark gray barks. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis; blades measure 8-14cm long, 2.5-5cm wide, in the shape of a long-oblong, with 1-2cm long petioles and wavy serrations on margins. Flowers come out simultaneously with the development of leaves; male inflorescences are 2.5cm long, with no pedicels. Female ones measure 3-5cm, with ovaries with pedicels. Bloom time: Late March.




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