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Salix gracilistyla / Nekoyanagi ネコヤナギ

Bloom time: March

Salicaceae /


Species in the genus Salix:

Salix bakko / Bakkoyanagi
Salix daiseniensis / Daisenyanagi
Salix gracilistyla / Nekoyanagi

Salix gracilistyla / Nekoyanagi ネコヤナギ

Salix gracilistyla, a deciduous shrub of 1-5m with dark gray barks, grows along mountain torrents. Leaves are alternate; blades are 7-13cm long, 1.5-3cm wide, in a long-oblong shape, with tips pointed and margins with fine serrations except for bases. Veins are distinct on surfaces, arranged at nearly even intervals, and the backsides are sericeous throughout. Flowers bloom before leaves develop; inflorescences are long-oblong, with no peduncles. Bloom time: March.




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