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Salomonia oblongifolia / Hinanokanzashi ヒナノカンザシ

Bloom time: April and August-September

Polygalaceae /


Species in the genus Salomonia:

Salomonia oblongifolia / Hinanokanzashi


Salomonia oblongifolia / Hinanokanzashi ヒナノカンザシ

Salomonia oblongifolia is an annual herb of the height of 10-25cm, inhabiting sunny wetlands; Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, each 3-8mm in length, oblong to long-oblong, with little petioles. The petioles are virtually non-existent but sparsely set small flowers on them; the petals are 3 in number, tingeing purple, and sepals are five, and two on the sides are a little larger. Stamens are 4 in number, and filaments get together to become tubular. Bloom time: August-September.




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