Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Salvia japonica / Akinotamurasou アキノタムラソウ

Bloom time: July-November

Lamiaceae /

Species in the genus Salvia:

Salvia akiensis / Terihanatsunotamurasou
Salvia japonica / Akinotamurasou
Salvia nipponica / Kibanaakigiri


Salvia japonica / Akinotamurasou アキノタムラソウ

Salvia japonica, a perennial 20-50cm in height, occurs on roadsides, fields, and mountains. Leaves are opposite; they are so-called imparipinnate compound leaves with 3-7 lobes. The leaflets, 2-5cm long, are in the shape of a broad oval. The stem tops emerge 10-25cm-long spikes, in which small, blue-purple, labiate flowers bloom in whorls. Bloom time: July-November.




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