Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Saxifragaceae /


Species in the genus Saxifraga:

Saxifraga cortusaefolia / Jinjisou
Saxifraga fortunei var. alpina / Daimonjisou
Saxifraga fortunei var. suwoensis / Nameradaimonjisou
Saxifraga stolonifera / Yukinoshita



Saxifraga fortunei var. alpina / Daimonjisou ダイモンジソウ

Saxifraga fortunei var. alpina: A perennial whose flower stems reach 10-30cm in height, it grows on damp rocks in mountainous regions. Leaves are radical, with long petioles 3-15cm long, in the shape of a kidney-like orbicular, shallowly cleft in 5-12, and the bases are cordate, with coarse hairs on surfaces. Sparse conical inflorescences set many white to light red flowers in them; petals are five in number, and the lower two are long. Bloom time: July-October.




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