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Scrophularia buergeriana / Gomanohagusa ゴマノハグサ

Bloom time: July-August

Scrophulariaceae /


Species in the genus Scrophularia:

Scrophularia buergeriana / Gomanohagusa
Scrophularia duplicatosserata / Hinanousutsubo
Scrophularia kakudensis / Oohinanousutsubo


Scrophularia buergeriana / Gomanohagusa ゴマノハグサ


With 0.9-1.5m-in-height, squarish stems, Scrophularia buergeriana, a perennial herb, grows in moist grasslands in mountainous regions. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, with 1-2cm long pedicles; the blades are ovate, 6-8cm long, with somewhat sharp serrations on the margins. Stem's tips and upper portions' leaf axils create 20-40cm long, slender racemes, in which many flowers come densely; corollas measuring 6-7mm in length, and sepals are cleft in five. Bloom time: July-August.





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