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Scutellaria indica var. parvifolia / Kobanotatsunami コバノタツナミ

Bloom time: May-June

Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Scutellaria:

Scutellaria amabilis / Yamajinotatunamisou
Scutellaria dependens / Himenamiki
Scutellaria indica var. parvifolia / Kobanotatsunami
Scutellaria indica var. parvifolia f. alba / Shirobanakobanotatsunamisou

Scutellaria indica var. satokoae / Hokurikutatsunamisou
brachyspica / Okatatsunamisou
Scutellaria kiusiana / Tsukushitatsunamisou
Scutellaria kurokawae / Igatatsunamisou

Scutellaria laeteviolacea / Shisobatatsunami
Scutellaria muramatsui / Dewanotatsunamisou
Scutellaria pekinensi var. transitra / Yamatatsunamisou
Scutellaria stringillosa / Namikisou

Scutellaria indica var. parvifolia / Kobanotatsunami コバノタツナミ

Scutellaria indica var. parvifolia, a variety of its elementary species, S. indica, is generally small, occurring in field edges by the sea, on riverbanks, or rocks in the mountains, growing to 5-20cm in height. Leaves are also tiny, approximately 1cm long and wide, with few serrations. The quantity of hair is variable. Bloom time: May-June.




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