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Sedirea japonicum / Nagoran ナゴラン

Bloom time: May-August

Orchidaceae /


Species in the genus Sedirea:

Sedirea japonicum / Nagoran


Sedirea japonicum / Nagoran ナゴラン

Sedirea japonicum is an epiphytic perennial orchid growing on evergreen tree trunks or rocks in mild-climate regions. Stems are short, with many aerial roots at the bases, where 3-5 oblong thick leaves emerge, distichously arranged in two rows. As its bloom time comes, pendent flower stalks appear in a racemose way from the leaf axils with 4-10 light green flowers measuring 1.5-2cm in diameter, on the side sepals, several red-purple, lateral stripes, and the same color spots on the lips. Bloom time: May-August




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