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Setaria faberi / Akinoenokorogusa アキノエノコログサ

Bloom time: August-November

Potaceae /


Species in the genus Setaria:

Setaria faberi / Akinoenokorogusa
Setaria viridis var. pachystachys / Murasakihamaenokoro


Setaria faberi / Akinoenokorogusa アキノエノコログサ

Setaria fab eriis is a 50-80cm tall annual herb found in sunny places like vacant lots or on roadsides; stems grow in clusters, with bases crawling on the ground, branching, and emerging roots from nodes. Leaves are 30-40cm long, 2-2.3cm wide, broadly linear, and feel tender, with bases tapering and surfaces with dense short hairs. Inflorescences are 5-12cm long, 0.7-1cm wide, cylindrical-shaped, with drooping tips. Bloom time: August-November.




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