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Sherardia arvensis / Hanayaemugura ハナヤエムグラ

Bloom time: May-September

Rubiaceae /


Species in the genus Sherardia:

Sherardia arvensis / Hanayaemugura


Sherardia arvensis / Hanayaemugura ハナヤエムグラ

Sherardia arvensisan annual herb originating in Europe, occurs in various places like wastelands or lawns but is not that easy to find, growing to 30-60cm in height. Stems are square, with downward setae on the ridges. Leaves are in whorls of 4-6, in the shape of a narrowly lanceolate, with sparse, coarse hairs. Flowers are light red or light purple, and involucres embrace those flowers, which characterize this species. Corollas measure about 5mm in diameter, about 3mm long, and have an aperture of four. Bloom time: May-September.




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