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Sicyos angulatus / Arechiuri アレチウリ

Bloom time: August-September

Cucurbitaceae / Urika

Species in the genus Sicyos:

Sicyos angulatus / Arechiuri


Sicyos angulatus / Arechiuri アレチウリ


Sicyos angulatus: An annual vine that originates in North America, has spread in various districts in Japan and inhabits dry river beds or wastelands. Leaves are concentric-shaped and shallowly cleft in 5-7. Dioecious: Axils emerge inflorescences and sparsely set yellow-white flowers in them; male and female flowers form themselves in separate inflorescences; the male inflorescences, 10-15cm long, sparsely put the male flowers, and the female inflorescences are short and put the females gathering flowers together in a flower-head way. Bloom time: August-September.

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