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Silene gallica var. quinquevulnera / Mantema マンテマ

Bloom time: May-June

Celastraceae / Nadeshikoka


Species in the genus Silene:

Silene armeria / Mushitorinadeshiko
Silene firma / Fushiguro
Silene gallica var. quinquevulnera / Mantema
Silene gallica var. gallica / Shirobanamantema
Silene kiusiana / Ogurasennou
Silene sieboldii / Matsumotosennou


Silene gallica var. quinquevulnera / Mantema マンテマ


Silene gallica, a European annual herb, inhabits wild in colonies in seashores throughout the country and grows to 20-30cm in height, with divaricate hairs throughout, plus glandular hairs on upper parts. Leave are 2-4cm long, spatulate on lower legs, and oblanceolate on upper parts with tips pointed. The stem's upper portions put about 7mm-in-diameter flowers in a racemose way; petals are white with significantly large, prominent red-purple spots. Calyx tubes equip ten veins tinged red-brown, which swell up in an oval shape after flowers. Bloom time: May-June.





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