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Siphonostegia chinensis / Hikiyomogi ヒキヨモギ

Bloom time: SAugust-September

 Scrophulariacea / Gomanohagusaka



Species in the genus iphonostegia:

Siphonostegia chinensis / Hikiyomogi


Siphonostegia chinensis / Hikiyomogi ヒキヨモギ

Siphonostegia chinensis is a semi-parasitic annual, 30-70cm in height that grows in sunny grasslands. Leaves are opposite on the lower parts, alternate on the upper, and pinnately, deeply cut themselves, with short curved hairs on both surface's veins - the more inferior surface veins are more significant. Axils bear approximately 2.5cm long yellow labiate flowers. Capsules measure about 1.5cm long and oblong and envelope themselves in calyxes. Bloom time: August-September.




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