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Solidago altissima / Seitakaawadachisou セイタカアワダチソウ

Bloom time: October-November

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Solidago:

Solidago altissima / Seitakaawadachisou
Solidago virgaurea ssp. asiatica / Akinokirinsou
Solidago virgaurea var. asiatica f. albescens / Shirobanaakinokirinsou

Solidago virgaurea ssp. asiatica / Akinokirinsou アキノキリンソウ

Solidago virgaurea ssp. asiatica, a perennial grown to 30-80cm in height, inhabits sunny parts of fields and mountains. Radical leaves are gone in general when in flower; the other leaves on stems are in the shape of an oval-like oblong of 7-9cm in length; the base is becoming narrow to connect to the winged portion of the petioles. Flower heads, approximately 1.3cm yellow, attach the branch tops in the way of scattered inflorescence. Bloom time: August-November.




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