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Sonchus oleraceus / Nogeshi ノゲシ

Bloom time: April-July

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Sonchus:

Sonchus asper / Oninogeshi
Sonchus oleraceus / Nogeshi

Sonchus oleraceus / Nogeshi ノゲシ

Sonchus oleraceus is a biennial growing on roadsides or fringe of fields; stems are hollow, with many ridges. Leaves are soft, 15-25cm long, 5-8cm wide, and pinnately cleft, with uneven serrations on margins. The serration's tips can be pointed but do not hurt, leaf bases become triangular, and both lower corners project and embrace the stems. Flower heads are yellow, about 2cm across, with many ligulate flowers. Boom time: April-July.




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