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Sorbus commixta (fruit) / Nanakamado ナナカマド

Bloom time: May-July

Rosaceae /



Species in the genus Srorbus:

Sorbus commixta / Nanakamado
Sorbus commixta var. wilfordii / Tsushimananakamado

Sorbus commixta (fruit) / Nanakamado ナナカマド

Sorbus commixta is a deciduous tree that grows 6-10m in height in mountainous regions. Leaves are alternate, 13-29cm long, of an imparipinnate compound leaf; the leaflets comprise pairs of 4-7, 3-9cm in length, 1-2.5cm in width, in the shape of a lanceolate to long-oblong, with tips sharply pointed, bases right and left somewhat uneven, margins shallowly sharp, singly or doubly serrated. Of all the leaflets, the ones in the central parts are the largest. Branch tips create compound corymbs and set many white flowers in them; petals are circular to ovoid, with white vellus hairs on lower parts. Fruit (pome), spherical, 5-6mm long, mature red in September-October. Bloom time: May-July.




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