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Sparganium stenophyllum / Himemikuri ヒメミクリ

Bloom time: June-September

Sparganiaceae /


Species in the genus Sparganium:

Sparganium fallax / Yamatomikuri
Sparganium stenophyllum / Himemikuri

Sparganium stenophyllum / Himemikuri ヒメミクリ

Sparganium stenophyllum, an emerging- or hydrophytic perennial herb inhabiting lakes, ponds, and marshes in mountainous regions, propagates nonsexually by extending runners in mud to sprout at the terminals. It stands 40-90cm. More developed than stems, leaves are linear or narrowly linear, 2-6mm wide, of a triangular cross-section, and leaf bottom sides ridge. Inflorescences; some branch and some not. Bloom time: June-September.




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