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Specularia perfoliata / Kikyousou キキョウソウ

Bloom time: May-July

Campanulaceae /


Species in the genus Specularia:

Specularia perfoliata / Kikyousou

Specularia perfoliata / Kikyousou キキョウソウ

Specularia perfoliataan annual herb, height 30-80cm, originating in North America, naturalized in various places like sunny, dry grasslands. Stems have ridges with sparse divaricate hairs on top of them. The phyllotaxis is alternate; leaves are about 1.5cm long, in the shape of a circular or oval, with bases shallowly cordate. Flowers, 1-3, bear themselves at axils. Corollas are purple,1.5-1.8cm in diameter; stamens are 5; style's tips cleft themselves in three. Bloom time: May-July.




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