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Stachys aspera / Inugoma イヌゴマ

Bloom time: July-August

Lamilaceae / Shisoka   Species in the genus Stachys:

Stachys aspera / Inugoma


Stachys aspera / Inugoma イヌゴマ

In wetlands, Stachys aspera, a perennial herb, height 40-70cm, propagates by extending long white rhizomes with stems with ridges and downward prickles. The phyllotaxis is alternate; leaves are 4-8cm long and lanceolate-shaped, with wrinkles on the upper surfaces and spines on the backside mid-ribs, which feel sandy. Stem tips bear short spikes and set a few rows of light red labiate flowers; corollas are about 1.5cm long, and the lower lips cleft themselves in three, with red spots. Bloom time: July-August.



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