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Stachyurus praecox / Kibushi キブシ

Bloom time: March-April

Stachyuraceae /


Species in the genus Stachyurus:

Stachyurus praecox / Kibushi


Stachyurus praecox / Kibushi キブシ

Stachyurus praecox is a deciduous shrub, small tree, or tree with red-brown or dark brown barks, found in moist, shady thickets, forest edges, or roadsides in mountainous districts, growing to 2-4m in height. Leaves are alternate; blades are 6-12cm in length, 3-6cm in width, long-oblong to ovate, and 1-3cm long petioles occasionally tinge red. Flowers bloom before the leaves develop, in racemes hanging down. Male inflorescences are long, with flowers pale yellow, and female ones are short, also pale yellow. Flowers are bell-shaped, 6-9mm long, with 4- sepals and petals. Bloom time: March-April.




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