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Staphylea bumalda / Mitsubautsugi ミツバウツギ

Bloom time: May

Staphyleaceae /


The other species in the genus Staphylea:

Staphylea bumalda / Mitsubautsugi


Staphylea bumalda / Mitsubautsugi ミツバウツギ

Staphylea bumalda, a deciduous shrub inhabiting sunny, damp locations like places along streams in mountainous regions, grows to 3-5m in height and branches well to grow rampant by and large. Leaves are opposite and are of a ternate compound leaf; the terminal lobes measure 8-16cm long, and the side lobes 3-7cm long, in the shape of an oval-like oblong or oval, with tips, pointed long, with fine serrations on margins. The terminal segments have about 3cm-long petioles, while the other two side lobes are without them. Flowers set themselves in panicles from the current year's branch tips; the flowers are fragrant and white, 7-8cm long; petals and sepals are white, five in number - not open flat. Bloom time: May.



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