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Stephania japonica / Hasunohakazura ハスノハカズラ

Bloom time: July-September

Menisperumaceae /


Species in the genus Stephania:

Stephania japonica / Hasunohakazura


Stephania japonica / Hasunohakazura ハスノハカズラ

Stephania japonica, an evergreen arboreous liana, grows in coastal mountains. The phyllotaxis is alternate; blades measure 5-12cm long, 4-10cm wide, in a triangular-like orbicular ovate shape, with entire margins, upper and lower surfaces with no hairs, and the lower surfaces tinging white. Petioles, 4-12cm long, support the blades in a shield-like way. Dioecious: Inflorescences emerge from axils, setting many small light green flowers in them. Drupes, about 6mm long and spherical, mature in red. Bloom time: July-September.




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