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Stewartia pseudo-camellia / Natsutsubaki ナツツバキ

Bloom time: Julne-July

Theaceae /


Species in the genus Stewartia:

Stewartia pseudo-camellia  / Natsutsubaki


Stewartia pseudo-camellia / Natsutsubaki ナツツバキ

Stewartia pseudo-camellia, a deciduous tree in mountain forests, grows as tall as 15m with smooth barks. Leaves, with 3-15mm long petioles, are of alternate phyllotaxis; blades are 4-10cm long, 2.5-5cm wide, oblong to long oblong-shaped, with adpressed hairs on the back side, and trichomes on armpits. Current year's branch set 5-6mm-in-diameter white flowers at axils with five petals, wavy margins with sparse fine serrations, and dense sericeous outsides. Bloom time: June-July.




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