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Strobilanthes oliganthus / Suzumushibana スズムシバナ

Bloom time: September-October

Acanthaceae /


Species in the genus Strobilanthes:

Strobilanthes oliganthus / Suzumushibana


Strobilanthes oliganthus / Suzumushibana スズムシバナ

Strobilanthes polyanthus is a perennial that occurs in the shade of a tree in hilly districts. Stems, with four obtuse ridges, grow to 30-80cm tall and sparsely branch, with long white hairs on nodes. Leaves are opposite with 1.5-5.5 cm-long petioles; the blades are broadly oval-shaped, 4-9cm long, 2.5-7cm wide, and serrated. Branch tip set peduncle-less flowers in a head-like way, bracts are leaf-like, 1-2cm long, in an orbicular-oval shape, and calyxes cleft deeply in five. Both bracts and calyxes have long-hairy, and corollas are 3-3.5cm long. Capsules measure 1.3cm in length. Bloom time: September-October.




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