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Suaeda maritima / Hamamatsuna ハママツナ

Bloom time: September-October

Amaranthaceae /



Species in the genus Suaeda:

Suaeda maritima / Hamamatsuna


Suaeda maritima / Hamamatsuna ハママツナ

Suaeda maritima is an annual that occurs in sandy soil on seashores, with stems branching well and growing to 20-60cm tall. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, 2-4cm-long, linear-shaped, with tips somewhat pointed. Axils generate 1-2 flowers on the stem's upper parts, gathering together. Perianths cut themselves in five, with ridges on back surfaces. Utricles enveloped with perianth lobes measure 1.2-1.5mm across and are in the shape of an oblate sphere. Bloom time: September-October.




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