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Swertia bimanculata / Akebonosou アケボノソウ

Bloom time: September-October

Family: Gentianacea /


Species in the genus Swertia:

Swertia bimanculata / Akebonosou
Swertia japonica / Senburi
Swertia pseudochinensis / Murasakisenburi
Swertia tosaensis / Inusenburi


Swertia bimanculata / Akebonosou アケボノソウ

Swertia bimanculata is a biennial inhabiting the water's edges and fringes in mountainous regions, stems growing to 60-90cm in height. Radical leaves are large-sized, in the shape of a long oblong, but have gone when in bloom. On-stem leaves are ovate or lanceolate, 5-12cm in length, tips pointed, bases cuneate, no serrations on margins, and prominent three veins on surfaces. Stem apexes branch and set white flowers; corollas measure approximately 2cm in diameter, with black-purple dots and two yellow-green nectaries on each piece. Bloom time: September-October.




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