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Swertia japonica / Senburi センブリ

Bloom time: September-November

Gentianacea /



Species in the genus Swertia:

Swertia bimanculata / Akebonosou
Swertia japonica / Senburi
Swertia pseudochinensis / Murasakisenburi
Swertia tosaensis / Inusenburi


Swertia japonica / Senburi センブリ

Swertia japonica is a biennial herb inhabiting sunny grasslands; stems grow 20-25cm tall, tinging light purple. In a slender linear shape, leaves are 1-4cm long and have opposite phyllotaxis. Flowers measure 2-3cm in diameter, cleft deeply in five; each lobe is white, with purple stripes. Any part of the body gives a strong bitter taste. The Japanese name 'Senburi,' or one thousand swings, implies that swinging it even one thousand times doesn't make it possible to eliminate the bitterness. Bloom time: September-November.




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