Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Swertia pseudochinensis / Murasakisenburi ムラサキセンブリ

Bloom time: August-November

Gentianacea /



Species in the genus Swertia:

Swertia bimanculata / Akebonosou
Swertia japonica / Senburi
Swertia pseudochinensis / Murasakisenburi
Swertia tosaensis / Inusenburi


Swertia pseudochinensis / Murasakisenburi ムラサキセンブリ

Swertia pseudochinensis is a perennial herb, 20-50cm tall, inhabiting sunny grasslands; stems are thick, tinge dark purple, and branching on the upper portion. Leaves are opposite in a somewhat dense way, 2- 4 cm long, in the shape of a linear lanceolate. The flowers are light purple and have dark purple stripes on them. Corollas are 1-1.5cm long, have a deep cleft in five lobes, and have hairs and nectars at the bases. Bloom time: August-November.




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