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Swertia tosaensis / Inusenburi イヌセンブリ

Bloom time: October-November

Gentianacea /



Species in the genus Swertia:

Swertia bimanculata / Akebonosou
Swertia japonica / Senburi
Swertia pseudochinensis / Murasakisenburi
Swertia tosaensis / Inusenburi


Swertia tosaensis / Inusenburi イヌセンブリ

Swertia tosaensis is an annual herb growing around oligotrophic marshes with erect stems 5-30cm in height, square cross-sections, and branching. Leaves are in the shape of an oblanceolate, 2-5cm in length, with the tips obtusely pointed. Corollas, 2-3cm in diameter, are white with light purple stripes. Bloom time: October-November.




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