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Symphytum officinale / Hireharisou ヒレハリソウ

Bloom time: May-September

Betulaceae /


Species in the genus Symphytum:

Symphytum officinale / Hireharisou


Symphytum officinale / Hireharisou ヒレハリソウ

Symphytum officinale, a perennial herb at approximately 1m, originating in Europe, grows wild in damp locations, with coarse white hairs throughout, feeling sandy. Radical leaves have long petioles, and on-stem leaves are alternate and long oblong-shaped, with entire margins. Stem's upper parts bear cymes, which are purple to white flowers that bloom facing downward; corollas are bell-shaped with tips cleft in five. Bloom time: May-September.




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