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Symplocos sawafutagi / Sawafutagi サワフタギ

Bloom time: May-June

Symplocaceae /


Species in the genus Symplocos:

Symplocos coreana / Tannasawafutagi
Symplocos kuroki / Kuroki
Symplocos sawafutagi / Sawafutagi



Symplocos sawafutagi / Sawafutagi サワフタギ


Symplocos sawafutagi is a deciduous shrub or small tree inhabiting deciduous forests or grasslands, growing to 2-4m in height. Leaves (blade) are in an alternate arrangement, each measuring 4-8cm in length, in the shape of an obovate or oblong; there are existing hairs on either side, especially on the backside veins. On the top of the lateral branches emerge panicles with white flowers. Fruit, 6-7mm long, ripen indigo in the autumn. Bloom time: May-June.





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