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Syneilesis palmata / Yaburegasa ヤブレガサ

Bloom time: July-October

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Syneilesis:

Syneilesis palmata / Yaburegasa


Syneilesis palmata / Yaburegasa ヤブレガサ

Syneilesis palmata, a perennial herb in mountain forests, has single radical leaves when young. However, as enriched, it makes flower stalks grow to 0.5-1m in height. Radical leaves, with long petioles, about 40cm-in-diameter, embrace the stems to become a shield-like shape. On-stem leaves, 2-3 in number, attach the petioles in a shield-like way and deeply cut palmately. Flower heads, 8-10mm in diameter, are in panicles. Bloome time. July-October.




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