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Synurus excelsus / Habayamabokuchi ハバヤマボクチ

Bloom time: October

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Cynurus:

Synurus excelsus / Habayamabokuchi
Synurus palmatopinnatifidus / Kikubayamabokuchi

Synurus excelsus / Habayamabokuchi ハバヤマボクチ

Synurus excelsus is a perennial found in sunny grasslands, with white arachnoid hairs throughout. Stems are thick and stiff and tinge purple-brown; leaves on the lower parts, 10-20cm-long triangular with bases expanding sideways in a hastate way, incised dentitions.on margins, and dense white fluffs on the back surfaces. Leaves on the upper parts gradually become smaller to grow into ovate-like triangular. Flower heads, 4-5cm in diameter, set themselves downward; tubular flowers are black-purple, involucral bracts form many slender rows, and the tips are sharp. Bloom time: October.




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