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Taraxacum hideoi / Kibishirotanpopo キビシロタンポポ

Bloom time: April

Asteraceae / Kikuka


Species in the genus Taraxacum:

Taraxacum albidum / Shirobanatanpopo
Taraxacum arakii / Yamazatotanpopo
Taraxacum hideoi / Kibishirotanpopo
Taraxacum officinale / Seiyoutanpopo
Taraxacum pectinatum / Kushibatanpopo
Taraxacum maruyamanum / Okitanpopo


Taraxacum hideoi / Kibishirotanpopo キビシロタンポポ

Taraxacum hideoi is a perennial herb found in grasslands, fields, and mountains. Compared to other native species, Taraxacum albidum, the flower's center parts are dark, rosettes lay low, and flower stalks are short. Another difference is that, with T. albidum, some of the involucral bracts bend backward, while T. hideoi does not. This species is rare, so it is challenging to find. Bloom time: April.




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