Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Tilia japonica / Shinanoki シナノキ

Bloom time: June-June

Tillaceae /


Species in the genus Tilia japonica:

Tilia japonica / Shinanoki


Tilia japonica / Shinanoki シナノキ


Tilia japonica, a height of 8-10m deciduous tree, inhabits hilly districts from ridges and hillsides through mountain streams, growing to 8-10m in size, occasionally up to 30m in places along the streams. The phyllotaxis is alternate; blades are 4-10cm long, 4-8cm wide, in the shape of an uneven heart-circular, with pointed tips stretching in a tail way, bases are somewhat cordate, and margins with sharp serrations. Cymes, 5-8cm long, hang from axils and set 10 or more about 1cm-in-diameter pale yellow-brown flowers; petals are 5mm long and have many stamens. Bloom time: om time: June-July.





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