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Trigonotis guilielmii / Tachikamebasou タチカメバソウ

Bloom time: May-June

Boraginaceae /



Species in the genus Trigonotis:

Trigonotis brevipes / Mizutabirako
Trigonotis guilielmii / Tachikamebasou
Trigonotis penduncularis / Kyuurigusa

Trigonotis guilielmii / Tachikamebasou タチカメバソウ

Trigonotis guilielmii, a perennial herb inhabiting damp locations on mountain stream sides, grows to 20-40cm in height with soft stems. Leaves are in the shape of an oval to broad-oval, 3-5cm in length, with no serrations but hairs on margins. Petioles are long at the bases and short on the upper parts. Inflorescences on branch tips put white or light blue-purple flowers. Corollas cut themselves into five, with yellowish satellites on the tops of floral tubes. Bloom time: May-June.




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