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Trigonotis penduncularis / Kyuurigusa キュウリグサ

Bloom time: March-May

Betulaceae /


Species in the genus Trigonotis:

Trigonotis brevipes / Mizutabirako
Trigonotis guilielmii / Tachikamebasou
Trigonotis penduncularis / Kyuurigusa

Trigonotis penduncularis / Kyuurigusa キュウリグサ

Trigonotis penduncularis is a biennial herb found on roadsides or yards, 15-30cm in height. Leave on lower parts are ovoid,1-3cm in length, with long petioles, and those on the upper parts are without the petioles. Stem tips emerge scorpioid cymes, in which about 2mm across light blue-purple flowers blooms from one to another. The curled inflorescences become loose as they bloom. Bloom time: March-May.




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