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Tubocapsicum anomalum / Hadakahoozuki ハダカホオズキ

Bloom time: August-September

Solanaceae /


Species in the genusTubocapsicum:

Tubocapsicum anomalum / Hadakahoozuki


Tubocapsicum anomalum / Hadakahoozuki ハダカホオズキ

Tubocapsicum anomalum is a perennial occurring on the forest edges in hilly districts, with stems that grow to 60-90cm tall. Leaves are oval-like long-oblong or long oblong, 8-18cm long, with tips pointed, and the lower parts gradually narrowing and turning into petioles. Two to four petioles hang from the axils, and flowers on the tips face downward. Pale yellow corollas measure about 8mm in diameter, with tips cleft in five, and the lobes bend backward. Calyxes look like small shallow dishes with tips flattened and not divided. Sap fruit, spherical, 7-10mm across, mature in red. Bloom time: August-September.




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