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Tulotis ussuriensis / Tonbosou トンボソウ

Bloom time: July-August

Orchidaceae / Ranka

Species in the genus Tulotis:

Tulotis ussuriensis / Tonbosou

Tulotis ussuriensis / Tonbosou トンボソウ

Tulotis ussuriensis is a perennial orchid species inhabiting damp forests; the stems measure 15-35cm in height and have two narrow, oblong leaves on lower portions. Many light green flowers bloom in racemes; sepals and side petals are approximately 2mm long, and lips are white-tinged with yellow-green, about 3.5mm long, cleft in three, and the central lobes ligulate. The spurs are white, 5-6mm, being curved downwards. Bloom time: July-August.



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