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Tylophora floribunda / Kokamomeduru コカモメヅル

Bloom time: August-October

Apocynaceae /



Species in the genus Tylophora:

Tylophora aristolochioides / Ookamomeduru
Tylophora floribunda / Kokamomeduru

Tylophora floribunda / Kokamomeduru コカモメヅル

Tylophora floribunda is a perennial vine herb inhabiting grasslands on hills or low mountains. Stems are slender and extend long to twine around something. Leaves are in opposite arrangement, in triangular-ovate shape, 3-6cm long and 1-3cm wide, with tips pointed, bases shallowly cordate, and midribs with either hairs or hairless. Inflorescences branch well to spread out, generally shorter than the leaves at the peduncle bases. Dark purple flowers measure 4-5mm in diameter; corolla's lobes have fine hairs on upper surfaces; coronas are approximately half as long as gynostemium, erect, with bases somewhat projected. Bloom time: August-October.




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