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Utricularia tenuicaulis / Inutanukimo イヌタヌキモ

Bloom time: July-September

Lentibulariaceae /


Species in the genus Utricularia:

Utricularia aurea / Notanukimo
Utricularia bifida / Mimikakigusa
Utricularia caerulea / Hozakinomimikakigua
Utricularia gibba / Oobanaitotanukimo
Utricularia tenuicaulis / Inutanukimo
Utricularia yakusimensis / Murasakimimikakigusa


Utricularia tenuicaulis / Inutanukimo イヌタヌキモ

Utricularia tenuicaulis is a perennial inhabiting pond, waterways, etc., with stems measuring 0.3-2 mm in diameter, with an overall length of 1m or more. Leaves,1.5-4.5cm, branch at the bases into two, continuing branching afresh likewise two or three times. There are many insectivorous sacs among stems or leaflets, or segments. Flowers, each 1.5-3cm in diameter, come singly on each branch tip - total flower number on all of the branched stem tops count 3-10. Bloom time: July-September.




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