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Vaccinium oldhamii / Natsuhaze ナツハゼ

Bloom time: May-June

Ericaceae /


Species in the genus Vaccinium:

Vaccinium ciliatum / Aragenatsuhaze
Vaccinium japonicum / Akushiba
Vaccinium oldhamii / Natsuhaze
Vaccunium smallii  var. versicolor / Kansaisunoki
Vaccunium smallii / Oobasunoki

Vaccinium oldhamii / Natsuhaze ナツハゼ

Vaccinium oldhamii, a deciduous shrub found in forests in hilly districts, grows to 1-3m in height, and trunks are single or bushy, branches spreading sideways. Leaves are alternate, blades being 3-8cm in length, 2-4cm in width, in the shape of an oblong or broadly ovate, both ends pointed, margins entire. Leaf margins have coarse hairs on the tips, where glands exist. More hairs are on the veins. Branch tops emerge racemes horizontally in which many light yellow-green flowers bloom facing downward. Corollas, 4-5mm in length, bell-shaped, cleft shallowly in five, the lobes bend somewhat backward. Sap fruit matures black in August-October. Bloom time: May-June.




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