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Vaccunium smallii / Oobasunoki オオバスノキ

Bloom time: June-July

Ericaceae /


Species in the genus Vaccinium:

Vaccinium ciliatum / Aragenatsuhaze
Vaccinium japonicum / Akushiba
Vaccinium oldhamii / Natsuhaze
Vaccunium smallii  var. versicolor / Kansaisunoki
Vaccunium smallii / Oobasunoki

Vaccunium smallii / Oobasunoki オオバスノキ

Vaccunium smallii, a deciduous shrub growing to 1-1.5m in height, inhabits forest edges or shrublands. With petioles densely short-haired, leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis in the shape of a long oblong or oval-oblong, margins having a bend, sharply pointed fine serrations. Flowers, 1-4 in number, bloom facing downward in racemes borne at leaf axils on previous year's branches. Corollas are 6-7mm long, bell-shaped, shallowly cleft in five, and each lobe bend backward at the tips. Bloom time: June-July.




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